4 Budget-Friendly Ways To Prep Your Home


Getting your Bay Area home ready for sale requires a lot of strategy and coordination—but it doesn’t have to take a lot of money! Here are four of my favorite ways to make a powerful impact on buyers without breaking the bank.


  1. New Paint Throughout

Repainting your home in a calm, neutral scheme is one of the quickest ways to both transform and depersonalize your home, and it’s also one of the least expensive. If you’re extremely cost-conscious, limit the repainting to highly visible features like cabinetry and door jambs; updating these key areas can make the whole house feel rejuvenated.

  1. Hardware Swap

Change out cabinet handles and drawer pulls for a fast-and-cheap refresh. A word of caution, though: Keep the new hardware consistent in color and style throughout. Hardware that varies in scheme from room to room can leave a disjointed visual impression. If your budget allows, continue this upgrade elsewhere by swapping out the handles of bedroom and closet doors. Replacing your front door’s hardware with a new keyless system is a worthy consideration, too!

  1. Minimal Window Treatments

Perhaps the fastest AND the cheapest way to update a room is removing all window treatments—or at least minimizing their effect. Taking down curtains and opening those blinds up can make your spaces seem larger while permitting natural light to flood in. This creates the warm, airy interiors that buyers love, and it really lets your home shine in photo and video marketing.

  1. Attractive First Impression

Updating your home’s curb appeal can be quite a money pit. Don’t get too carried away; just focus on the most notable features. Is your door looking shabby? Paint it. Are there dead or dying plants? Remove them. Is there any visible repair needed, like a loose gutter or peeling paint? Fix it. Addressing all these little issues is an inexpensive way to help your home’s exterior pack an impressive punch.


Spending just a little more can reap HUGE rewards. Keep in mind that a great first impression accomplishes more than simply enticing potential buyers. We want your home’s first impression to make buyers feel completely at ease, which usually leads to faster and better offers.

Interested in more cost-saving tips? My team and I offer plenty of home prep options. Contact me for more info!