4 Features Of The Perfect Neighborhood


Picking a geographic area of focus should be one of the first decisions you make when shopping around for your next home. As your lifestyle Realtor, I highly encourage you to factor in every facet of your daily living, decide on neighborhoods that will best complement your needs, wants, and routines, and then we can shift your home search into those specific communities. My motto is: Lifestyle first, house second!

However, looking for the perfect neighborhood is much easier said than done. Here are a few key things to look for:


  1. Quick Commute

If you commute regularly, it makes sense to find a neighborhood as close to your work as possible. Selecting a place near commuter routes is the first step—but in the Bay Area, that’s just half the battle! Finding a place near commuter routes that take you quickly to work is the next—often much harder—move.

  1. Excellent Schools

Proximity to a quality education is a primary driver for buyers with young families—and even if you don’t have kids, it could highly affect your resale value. Researching local private and public options and tracking their rankings will help you conclude which schools you should seek to live near.

  1. Nearby Outdoor Recreation

Need space? Living in a neighborhood with quick access to trails or at least one park can be a life-changer, especially if you have dogs or kids who benefit from lots of time outdoors.

  1. Shopping Access

Few things are more frustrating than running out of a staple food or commodity at home, then having to carve time out to trek over to the grocery store. With a convenient shopping center in or near your neighborhood, this aggravation becomes a thing of the past!


Mapping out these factors and then researching all available options will take an abundance of time, knowledge, diligence, and patience. However, if you rely on a local expert like me who is already well-versed in Bay Area communities, then I can quickly pinpoint neighborhoods that match your exact needs.

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