6 Quick Ways To Create A Home Spa


Want to make every day a spa day? It doesn’t take much to get your bathroom looking, feeling, and smelling just like a home spa. Check out these easy ways to convert your personal space into a retreat for pampering the senses:


Purge Visible Clutter.

Spas both feel and appear relaxing. Attractively arranging any visible towels while keeping dirty laundry, cosmetics, and other accoutrements out of sight results in an uncluttered bathroom prime for leisure.

Simplify The Palette.

Don’t jar your senses with a bold color scheme. Opt for a soft palette (neutrals and shades of white are ideal) and then, for consistency, follow that soothing scheme for everything from the walls to the rugs.

Install Some Greenery.

Not only do plants look fresh and beautiful, but they also symbolize renewability. Adding a lush potted plant or two to your home spa helps subconsciously prepare the mind for physical and mental renewal.

Add Calming Fragrances.

An essential oil diffuser or scented candles will lend a relaxing aroma to your at-home experience. Select scents that are more subtle and nature-oriented, like sandalwood or jasmine. A bouquet of lavender on your vanity or a eucalyptus branch hanging in your shower is also a great source of natural fragrance.

Swap Out Fixtures.

Your shower fixture can dramatically alter your spa experience. Whether a rainfall showerhead or a panel system with a handheld sprayer, choose fixtures that help your body get fully relaxed.

Focus On Lighting.

Use mirrors thoughtfully in your bathroom to reflect light and keep the space feeling airy and bright. I also recommend ensuring all lightbulbs are a consistent warm white tone (not cool white) to give the room a steady, inviting glow.


These simple improvements don’t require remodeling. If your budget allows, then reconfiguring your shower, bathtub, or even the entire bathroom will present many more possibilities—AND it could add significant value. If you’d like my insight, please reach out! 🙂