7 Prep Tips Before Selling This Spring


Carefully preparing your home for sale is not something I take lightly. I want you to have the highest ROI as possible without investing in unnecessary improvements. Simple fixes to the visual presentation of your home can have HUGE impacts.

Here are my top recommendations before selling your home this spring:


  1. Paint!

A fresh coat of paint—inside and out—can make a dramatic difference. Going for high-contrast colors (like black and white) refreshes the look of your home, draws the eye, ups your curb appeal, and makes a great first impression on potential buyers. Look how beautifully this recent listing turned out!

  1. Create Strong Curb Appeal.

Similar to the previous point, a curated front yard will entice prospective buyers. Attractively planting and maintaining your home’s exterior makes buyers more inclined to look at the interior.

  1. Swap Out Old Lighting.

Replacing old light fixtures is a relatively low-cost visual fix. Clean, modern fixtures make any space seem more current and inviting!

  1. Refinish The Garage.

Painting your garage’s interior and adding epoxy floors are two fantastic and inexpensive ways to refresh your garage. Not only do these improvements make the space look crisp and clean, but epoxy floors are resistant to oil stains!

  1. Make Needed Repairs.

Most buyers want homes that are ready to move in TODAY, so the less repairs they have to worry about, the better. Doing early inspections and addressing necessary problems now may increase the offers you get on your home.

  1. Replace Old Carpets.

Another big-impact fix that can be relatively low-cost is replacing old carpets. Clean, new carpets look and feel great, and they can easily revamp your spaces!

  1. Deep Clean EVERYTHING.

Everyone appreciates a clean home. Potential buyers will LOVE how clean everything is, especially easily looked-over spots like windowsills and cabinets.


There are so many things you can do now to prepare your home for sale this spring. Whether you choose to sell soon or later in the year, you have my word I’ll make it the best experience possible. If you’re interested in selling or have questions, please let me know!