Automate Your Home Without Breaking The Bank


It seems technology is improving by the day! Homeowners no longer have to wait for the Space Age to arrive in order to assume hands-free control of their home. Nor do they have to invest in high-end automation systems by elite providers like Control4 or Savant.

Nowadays, all you have to do is conduct a little research, shop for devices that best suit your needs, then download their apps and link to your smartphone. Voila! You can have all the convenience of an upscale home automation system right in the palm of your hand.

If you’re wanting to keep your home tech-savvy without making a major investment, here are some ways to go about that:


Choose WiFi-Enabled Appliances.

When it’s time to replace your kitchen or laundry units, upgrade to appliances that are WiFi- or Bluetooth-compatible. This connectivity allows you to monitor day-to-day chores like laundry or dishwashing right from your phone. It’s a feature that isn’t exclusive to major appliances, either. Today microwaves, coffeemakers, and pressure cookers (even food processors) are manufactured with WiFi compatibility.

Install Smart Systems.

Nothing is more convenient than controlling every function in your home with the touch of a button, or even a simple spoken command. Whole-house systems like thermostats, security cameras, and smoke detectors are available that may be activated hands-free. Nest is currently one of the best brands to offer multiple system accessories with smart capabilities.

Overhaul Your Lighting.

To enjoy complete control of your lighting, you have a few options. For table or standing lamps, you could install smart plugs that let you light up your house remotely, room by room. You could also swap out lamps or fixtures with tech bulbs like GE’s Cync Smart Bulb, which can be programmed to change colors or respond to voice commands. Or, as a more permanent solution, you could replace your light switches with wired smart plates by makers like Caséta by Lutron or Decora by Leviton.

Make A Hub.

As you add various smart features to your home, I suggest centralizing all your features. You can do this by organizing all apps on a compatible smart pad your whole family can access. You can even integrate a hub like Apple’s HomePod which can be programmed to voice-activate your home’s functions. Some hubs even allow you to sync or schedule functions so your home can run on its own!


Home automation is quickly advancing, and that opens up a world of possibility for homeowners. Because this tech is endlessly changing, I find it’s most cost-effective to make minor automated additions that can be easily updated with the next system upgrade, or replaced at a low cost. If you’d like to know more about specific smart features my buyers and sellers love, I’d be happy to share!