Check Out These 3 Easy South Bay Hikes


It’s a new year, and that means it’s time for new adventures! If you’re like me, then one of your
resolutions for 2024 is to get outdoors a lot more and soak up our fantastic Northern California weather whenever possible. Short on time or energy? I got you covered!

Here are three hikes throughout the South Bay that can be done quickly AND easily while still giving you a healthy dose of Mother Nature:


  1. Alviso Slough Trail

A highlight of Alviso Marina County Park, this trail loops through the scenic marshlands of North San Jose. The path is raised above the waterline and is almost entirely flat, creating perfect conditions for those wanting an easy hike with fresh air, glimpses of dozens of species of wildlife, and beautiful views stretching across the marshes to the mountains beyond. In its entirety, the trail runs nearly nine miles, but many outdoorspeople prefer to follow it for only a couple of miles before turning back. For more ambitious hikers or cyclists, the park connects to regional pathways like the Bay Trail, which is planned to span 500 miles of the San Francisco Bay shoreline.

  1. Redwood Grove Nature Preserve

Did you know there is a redwood grove hidden just outside Downtown Los Altos? Redwood Grove Nature Preserve forms an enchanting respite that’s only a stroll away from the bustle of the downtown district. Covering over six acres, this petite preserve includes an interconnected boardwalk and trail short and flat enough for you to loop through the grove with hardly breaking a sweat! Immerse yourself in this calming paradise of stately redwoods, then if you have some extra time, go enjoy a picnic at neighboring Shoup Park or stroll a little further to grab a coffee or bite to eat downtown.

  1. Stevens Creek Trail

Ideal for explorers and bike commuters alike, Stevens Creek Trail is a popular pedestrian route that is ultimately planned to span Cupertino, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View. Currently, its two most prominent extensions reach from Linda Vista Park to Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino, and from Mountain View’s Waverly Park neighborhood all the way to Shoreline Park’s segment of the Bay Trail. Multiple entry points are found throughout these two stretches, and regardless of which segment you choose to explore, you’ll be treated to flat, paved paths leading you from neighborhood to neighborhood, along with a creekside environment that evokes a sense of pastoral peacefulness right at the heart of Silicon Valley.


If you have already visited one of these trails, let me know if you have any favorite spots I should check out the next time I visit. Happy hiking!