Here’s Why You Should Buy Over The Holidays


The Bay Area real estate market is ever changing, so it can be difficult to decide when to buy your new home. Friends and family may advise you to buy during the busier spring and fall seasons, but professionals from across the real estate industry will tell you that the holiday season can be a fantastic time to purchase a home.

Here are a few reasons why:


Less Competition

There are many reasons people feel less inclined to purchase during this time, and these normally have to do with family, travel, and holiday celebrations. This means there are less buyers you’d be competing with to purchase a property.

Attentive Agents

Since there are less buyers during the holidays, many agents find themselves with fewer clients vying for their time. This means they can then spend much more time and energy focusing on you and your search for a home.

More Dealmaking Flexibility

Selling during the holiday season can be difficult for many sellers due to decreased market demand, which can make for more motivated sellers who want to sell quickly. These sellers may be more willing to offer concessions and accommodate contingencies to make a sale that they would not be so willing to provide at other times.

Potential For A Lower Price

Sellers may be more flexible with their pricing expectations due to decreased market demand, which can mean they’ll be more willing to negotiate a lower price in order to sell.

Opportunities To Learn The Area

This time of year is filled with holiday celebrations, so many communities host events that are open to everyone to enjoy. These events make it much easier to get to know the people who live in the area, and they’re also great ways to become acquainted with the area you are hoping to move into.


There are so many more rewarding reasons for why it’s a great idea to purchase a home during the holidays. Whether you’re buying during the holidays or any other time of year, I devote my time and resources to you during the whole process of purchasing a home. You have my word I’ll make it the best experience possible.

If you’re interested in purchasing or have questions, let me know!