FREE Home Organization Giveaway!


Needing to get your home organized for the new year? Or just want a home refresh? I’ve got the answer!

On January 15th, I’ll be choosing ONE lucky winner to have a FREE three-hour consultation with my dear friend and home organization guru, Gina LaRocca of Always Organized.

For over 11 years, Gina has been helping homeowners in Silicon Valley reorganize their homes so that they can live a simpler, more clutter-free lifestyle. Whether it’s just your kitchen pantry, closet, or office that has become dysfunctional, Gina can work wonders with small or large spaces, and even entire homes, yachts, and RVs!

As a Certified Professional Home Organizer, Gina provides a vast array of services, including:

  • – Redesigning your closets, kitchen, garage, or office
  • – Preparing for a move or relocation
  • – Prepping for a home renovation
  • – Preparing for a party

She makes the process seamless with her organizational packing systems, and helps clients achieve a better work-life balance by teaching them her organizational ways. Clutter-free spaces aren’t just more pleasing to look at, but they can reduce stress by creating a more welcoming atmosphere. And I’m all about helping people reduce stress!

Gina offers in-person consultations and services from Pebble Beach to Woodside, plus online organizational coaching for out-of-area clients. She is renowned for helping many Silicon Valley high-tech employees, as well as the Bay Area’s own San Francisco 49ers.

To enter to win, simply go to my website and send me an email with “Organize 23” in the subject line. If you win the draw, I’ll even throw in a FREE bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne!

Apply NOW for your chance to ring in the new year with a beautifully organized home—my gift to you! Best of luck to all!

To learn more about Gina LaRocca, visit her on Instagram @organizedbygina, or on her website at