How Custom Storage Revolutionizes Your Home


In today’s homes, most builders install standard fittings for storage instead of truly taking into consideration the needs of whomever may buy the home. If you (like the majority of Bay Area homeowners) have a busy life with diverse needs, then standard storage simply may not fit the bill. Let me share a few places in your home where custom storage can completely revamp your life.


  1. Kitchens

Kitchen cabinets can be designed to store special items like wine glasses or champagne flutes, while drawers can be compartmentalized and custom-sized to hold everything from silverware and spice racks to large pots and pans. Other space-saving options include lazy susan inserts (common in corner cabinets) and even cabinets with hide-away mixer stations.

  1. Closets

Standard closets often have only one hanging bar, with a shelf or two if you’re lucky. Maximize your wardrobe space by adding adjustable hanging bars, belt or tie hangers, and shoe racks. For more permanent solutions, consider adding sets of built-in drawers, or even dust-proof cases for your more expensive items.

  1. Bathrooms

Elevate your standard bathroom drawers with special cosmetics caddies, or add compartmented cabinets to keep linens, towels, and supplies all separate. You could even consider installing shower organizers to keep your health and beauty items sorted and orderly.


Custom storage can be a true game-changer. If you’d like to explore tailored storage options for your home, just ask and I’d be happy to direct you to some excellent local providers.