Maximize These Key Areas Of Your Home


Space is a very high commodity in the Bay Area. Homes that thoughtfully use their square footage make buyers feel they’re getting more bang for their buck—and everyone loves getting a great deal!

With the amount of homes I see in my line of work, I’ve witnessed quite a few interesting solutions. Here are a few ways I’ve found for easily saving space in key areas:


KITCHEN | Hang It All Up

Free up valuable kitchen storage! Maximize that space above the countertops by installing a magnetic strip for your knife collection, or utilize the unused area beneath the upper cabinets for hanging mugs and wine glasses.

GARAGE | Make The Most Of It

Many people use garages for more than just cars, so adding a durable flooring (such as porcelain tile) can allow a garage to more easily serve as a gym, studio, or even family room. For those who prefer garages strictly for automobile use, car lifts are increasingly popular since they can potentially double the amount of vehicles inside.

BATHROOMS & BEDROOMS | Thoughtful Storage = More Free Space

Being strategic with storage can make your spaces feel larger and more appealing. In your bedroom, eliminate bulky wardrobes or chests of drawers by building shelving systems in the existing closets. In the bathroom, add shelves in wasted spaces like the area over the toilet or inside the shower.

LIVING ROOM | Integrate Your Media

Get rid of your big television console and mount the screen on the wall for a sleek, clean look. Want to go a step further? Replace clunky speakers with a surround sound system that integrates into the walls and/or ceiling.

GUEST BEDROOM | Double The Functionality

Have a spare bedroom? Make the most of it! By night, the space can serve as a comfortable room for guests to rest, while by day it can double as a home office, yoga studio, craft room, or play space.


If you’re having trouble maximizing your spaces, feel free to reach out. I have many more ideas to share, and I know a professional home organizer whose services I happily recommend!