Turn Your Patio Into A Living Room In 5 Easy Steps


In the Bay Area, we enjoy a mild climate practically year-round. So why limit your living options to the indoors? Transform your patio into a tantalizing living space where you can join friends and family in celebrating the beauty of every season.

To create your outdoor living room, here are five easy steps you can follow:


1. Ground Your Space.

Just like the rooms inside your home, a patio needs to be visually anchored to feel both inviting and livable. This is best accomplished with a thoughtful choice of flooring. If you don’t love how your patio floor looks now, a quick fix is to shop around online for inexpensive, modular tiles. Many varieties now resemble deck planks or even stone pavers, and they’re easily configurable and removable. Once your patio floor looks the way you want, I recommend layering it with a weatherproof rug to add some texture. Sisal or seagrass rugs are great options!

2. Choose Your Furniture.

Don’t be daunted by the prospect of furnishing your patio-slash-living-room. Set a budget, then simply choose a few basic, durable options (lightweight pieces are preferred). A weatherproof sofa set or sectional would be ideal, and if you’d like to dine alfresco, include a bistro or patio table and chairs.

3. Hang Something.

Whether it’s a rustic mirror, cute empty frames, or plants with climbing vines, mounting something on the wall above your patio will serve to further anchor your space. It also makes your patio appear more intimate and comfortable—just how a living room should feel!

4. Add Lights.

This is not only an aesthetic consideration, but a practical one. Lining your patio with a string of party lights adds both ambience and an extra source of light for nighttime gatherings. Feeling extra ambitious? Think about adding wall sconces or even a simple chandelier overhead.

5. Accessorize!

I say it all the time, but it’s no less true in this case: Details are EVERYTHING. Add the final transformative finishes to your patio with cozy touches like throw pillows, candles, and even a portable fire-pit. Working a fire-pit into your configuration not only amplifies the coziness factor, but also provides the perfect place for telling stories or roasting marshmallows.


Struggling with how to reimagine your patio? Just reach out! I’ve seen quite a few interesting examples this year and I’m always happy to share some inspiration.