Video Makes Your Home Shine! Here’s How


Studies show that real estate listings with videos receive 400% more inquiries—and that’s just one reason why I choose video marketing for my listings. On the other hand, creating custom video content requires more strategy, planning, and marketing expenditure than almost every other form of marketing.

So, why do I go through the trouble of producing a unique video for each of my listings?


Easy To Comprehend

Video is visual, and visual marketing translates easily across all languages and cultures. Since our area is filled with international audiences, a listing video speaks volumes to buyers who might not easily understand an online description or property brochure.

Showcases Beautifully

As your listing agent, one of my goals is to make your home radiant. Alongside professional photos, a well-executed video helps advertise the most appealing aspects of your home: it captures its best angles, warmest lighting, and most exciting features so buyers will be hankering to see it in person.

Dramatic First Impression

Just like a home’s curb appeal, a video’s first impression can make all the difference for a prospective buyer. Featuring your home’s selling points in a dazzling video creates exactly the kind of dramatic first impression we want.

Quality Video = Quality Home

If your home’s marketing is packaged attractively, then buyers will assume your home is something valuable and worth taking a look at. I partner with some of the top professionals in the industry to ensure my videos are of the utmost quality. After all, to get the best results, you have to work with the best (that rule applies to real estate, too). 😉

Second To None

Though video marketing is becoming more common, most listing videos don’t represent a home’s full potential. I pour a lot of thought into every video, narrating each one to make sure it speaks articulately to the home’s unique qualities and locational advantages. This creates a superior product that truly stands alone.


I’ve found video is a sure-fire way to set your home apart from the competition. Want to see some examples? Click over to the My Listings page and check out the media suite for each of my recent sales!