Why Is An A.D.U. Such A Popular Amenity?


In recent years, ADUs (or accessory dwelling units) have become all the rage throughout the Bay Area real estate market and beyond. Basically a small, self-contained home that shares the same lot as your main home, an ADU maximizes your lot’s size while offering a variety of possibilities. If you’ve thought of expanding your home or buying a new property, here are my top reasons why you should consider an ADU:


Unlimited Flexibility

Probably the most obvious benefit of an ADU is the vast amount of flexibility you and your family can personally enjoy with an ADU on your property. In our current age of remote work, an ADU can be the perfect place for working from home or even schooling. Or, you can channel your inner creative and convert it into a yoga studio, playroom, fitness center, or “she shed.” The possibilities are endless!

Secondary Residence

Although an ADU can serve many purposes, the most common use is as a private, secondary living area from the main house. It can be designed to serve overnight guests and extended-stay relatives equally well. This is a particularly useful feature if you have elderly parents or adult children who live at home but appreciate their space and independence.

Cheaper Housing Alternative

Another notable advantage of an ADU is that it can provide a cost-effective housing alternative in areas like ours where residential costs have skyrocketed. If you rent out your ADU, it creates a dual benefit by 1. allowing you to produce supplemental income, and 2. providing a smaller, more affordable housing option for others.

Increased Property Value

Because of their immense potential, properties with ADUs are highly desired in the Bay Area. Of course, it all depends on the extent of the features offered by your ADU—but a well-designed ADU can result in a higher resale value for your home, and also make it easier to sell.


In my opinion, ADUs are definitely worth the investment. However, if you’re building or customizing an ADU for your property, consult your agent to discuss which features can be added to increase both its functionality and its resale value.